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Published:November 30th, 2011 12:04 EST
A Poem: Mobile Home

A Poem: Mobile Home

By Ed Roberts

Mobile Home

The school bell rings
Out of class again
Outside the building
Dad is waiting in the car
Just like yesterday

We stop by the grocery store
A bag of hot dogs and a loaf of bread
Dinner for tonight
Food for a family of 4
For under $3.00
Well, it beats last night`s
2 bags of Ramen Noodles

We go to the library
Computers here are free
We do our homework
Mom checks out a new book
We stay until closing time
One last trip to the bathroom
Before we leave

Dad drives around the block
Finally decides to park in the church lot
The one we had stayed in last Wednesday
The lighting is good here
Not a lot of traffic
A very wealthy neighborhood
A safe place to stay
For the night

This is our life now
Since they took the house away
Mom and dad take turns
Sitting outside the car
Looking over us as we sleep

Watching for bad people
Watching for the police
Dad says he is afraid they`ll try and take us away
Split up the family
Since we have no home
I think he is more afraid of them
Than the gang members who sometimes drive by
Playing their stereos
Way too loud

The sun starts to rise
We go to the gas station again
To clean up in the restrooms
Dad buys $5.00 worth of gas
He`s got an interview today
Maybe there`s still a chance
He always says
When he drops us off at school

They call us the car kids
At least it`s better than simply homeless
We do have a home
It just has 4 wheels

Ed Roberts 11/28/11

This adds a new perspective to the holiday of Thanksgiving