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Published:November 30th, 2011 14:27 EST

Merry Christmas: Female Thief Stabs Busybody With Christmas Ornament!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Connecticut said a woman accused of stealing items from a Christmas Craft Fair allegedly used an ornament to stab a woman who was blocking her escape."


Ruth Wagner, 55, managed to escape from the Christmas Fair, but witnesses wrote down her license plate number and she was arrested later at her home.


No good deed goes unpunished and the woman who tried to block the thief`s escape was stabbed in the arm with a Christmas ornament. The foolish woman should be grateful she wasn`t stabbed in the eyes, no bystander should ever try to physically prevent a robber from leaving the scene of the crime. You will either get pummeled or sued, don`t try to be a hero.

Christmas tree ornaments usually have an interesting provenance, if Wagner had succeeded in getting away with stealing the ornaments she would have had an interesting story to tell her grandchildren.

Wagner to her grandchildren: This Santa ornament is from my mother, this reindeer ornament is from my ex-husband and these two new ones I stole from a Christmas fair.

Grandchild: Nanna, you are too old to get away with stealing anything.

Wagner: Why you little freakin` brat, I`ll teach you to respect your grandmother! Stab, Stab, with Christmas ornament.

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