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Published:December 1st, 2011 11:35 EST

Gloria Cain Should Do America A Favor, And Publicly Denounce Herman Cain

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Republican presidential contender Herman Cain says he hasn`t yet faced his wife and family to discuss a woman`s accusation of a 13-year extramarital affair.

On Monday, a Georgia woman said she and Cain had carried on a consensual s[e]xual relationship, but he denies it. The former businessman says he`s only spoken to his wife by phone since then."



If news of a long-time affair makes the news, any politician, regardless how busy he may be, will immediately book a flight home to try to make things right with his wife.

Herman Cain has been interviewed countless times since news of the affair became public, but he`s yet to make time to discuss things with his better half.

I can only conclude that Cain has an understanding with his spouse: He`s allowed to play as long as he brings home the bacon.

Or maybe the arrogant son of a gun believes that it will be no problem convincing his wife that he`s pure as the driven snow, and there`s no urgency in speaking to her as soon as possible.

Maybe Cain has an understanding with his wife, or maybe she`s clueless, but the electorate isn`t so clueless, and the former CEO of Godfather`s Pizza is dropping in the polls like a rock.

Herman Cain`s mistress, Ginger White, describes her 13-year relationship with him as a "casual affair." White doesn`t claim to love or respect him, he was just a rich old fart who showered her with gifts and money. To Ginger White, Cain was an ATM, the pizza man put in his sausage, and she withdrew money. Cain considered Ginger White nothing but a booty call, although the concept of such a long-term booty call boggles the mind.

On Friday Cain plans on meeting with his wife; I don`t know how that will turn out, but the conservatives` love affair with the philandering preacher is over.

Herman Cain you are toast! Get out of the race you arrogant and hypocritical scam artist!

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