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Published:December 2nd, 2011 11:14 EST
PennyStockVideos Creates Video Research Reports on ECRY, AMWI and RAYS

PennyStockVideos Creates Video Research Reports on ECRY, AMWI and RAYS

By Seth Davis

Leading penny stock newsletter Penny Stock Videos is creating in-depth video research reports on the popular stocks eCrypt Technologies (OTC:ECRY), Amwest Imaging (OTC:AMWI) and Raystream (OTC:RAYS), which will be released to free newsletter subscribers shortly.

ECRY is the latest popular penny stock promotion in play, which was announced by the popular penny stock promoter `Mr X` on the 29th of November. We subsequently saw a strong increase in volume to the stock, with nearly one million dollars worth of stock traded in one day. ECRY then fell to 0.93 from a high of 1.00 in the following two trading days.
Advertisements touting ECRY stock claim that the company was set for `1000% or more gains`, which are extremely misleading. The market cap for Ecrypt Technologies is already over  $100,000,000 despite the company having no revenue or any business history whatsoever. As with many penny stocks, however, perception is reality and stocks for speculative companies oftentimes do not reflect the actual health of the business.

AMWI, meanwhile, is the latest stock promotion from the Awesome Penny Stocks network of websites, which is known to bring in very large volume to any stock they cover. Before AMWI,  Awesome Penny Stocks had promoted MILV, which rose over 300% from their initial alert price before crashing spectacularly. AMWI had two very strong volume days on Wednesday and Thursday, breaking out to a high of 0.24 before consolidating around the 0.22 level. 
A clear breakout on the past two days to 0.25 or higher could signal a strong buying opportunity. History has shown that every single stock ever promoted by Awesome Penny Stocks has fallen after the promotions are over, and so those who choose to buy AMWI on any breakouts should be watching the stock like a hawk and have their finger on the sell button all the time.

RAYS is the oldest promoted stock of the three, having been announced on October 10th and reaching a high of 2.50 before falling to 1.24 in a matter of hours (see previous research on the stock here). Throughout November we saw a fairly steady incline of the stock to a high of over 2.00 on the 29th November, before it fell to below 2 on Thursday. We are informed that RAYS is one of the most requested stocks by short sellers, which is hardly surprising given the likelihood of the stock dropping back to its previous lows.
The danger of shorting manipulated stocks is that new promotions and advertisements to buy the stock can be released at any time, causing a flood of new buyers and a short squeeze. At this stage, however, it seems that the main promotion for RAYS is over.