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Published:December 4th, 2011 13:15 EST

Most Unusual Rescues By Firefighters

By Robert Paul Reyes

"London firefighters said they have responded to emergency calls for a man stuck in a child`s toy car and a woman with her hand stuck in a vending machine.

The London Fire Brigade said in addition to those to calls, its most unusual calls also included a man with his head caught in a cat door, a man whose genitals were stuck in a chastity belt and children stuck on playground equipment."



It`s not unusual for firefighters to respond to a call about a cat who`s afraid to climb down from a tall tree. Cats are curious by nature, and they often find themselves in awkward predicaments, but human beings take the cake when it comes to being stuck in crazy situations.

It`s frustrating when a vending machine doesn`t dispense the product you just paid for, but I wouldn`t recommend sticking your hand to try to retrieve the product. I usually just give it a good kick, when nobody is looking.

As far as the man whose genitals were stuck in a chastity belt, it`s never a good idea to lock up the family jewels.

Children stuck on playground equipment, is a stroke of good fortune for the parents. That`s a grand slam lawsuit win against the manufacturer of the playground equipment.

A dude getting his head stuck in a cat door, makes him look like a big pussy ... cat.

Firefighters deserve every dime they get for having to put up with these morons.

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