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Published:December 4th, 2011 11:27 EST

Top Ten Reasons Why Vanessa Griffin Long Is Divorcing Bishop Eddie Long

By Robert Paul Reyes

*He`s gay! Not that there`s anything wrong with being gay, but if you are a woman it does pose a slight problem if your hubby is a homos[e]xual.

*Vanessa can tolerate the gay bishop`s Barney pajamas, but she couldn`t stand it when he went to  bed in his spandex shorts.


*All those young boys hiding in closets and in the basement.

*The bishop`s greasy Jheri Curl wig ruined all their silk pillow cases.

*He was considering following Herman Cain`s example and running for president, under his 6969 stimulus plan.

*It was frustrating when they where out in public together, and somebody said "Hey, Girlfriend", Vanessa didn`t know if they were calling her or her husband.

*He was shuffling, day and night, he was shuffling to LMFAO`s "Party Rock Anthem."

*He kept referring to himself in the 3rd person: The Bishop Eddie Long is going to take a bubble bath, and he doesn`t want to be disturbed.

*He wanted to change the name of his poodles to "Lady Gaga" and "Cher."

*The bishop`s obsession with Justin Bieber! When the bishop bought a Justin Bieber wig, that was the last straw!

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