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Published:December 5th, 2011 14:41 EST

Cop Had Sex In Patrol Car With Hookers! He Paid Them In Cash And Cocaine!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials said a Florida police officer accused of paying for s[e]x in his patrol car and pointing his weapon at other officers will still receive a pension.

Andrea Davis, a spokeswoman for the Tampa Police Department, said an Internal Affairs investigation three years ago found Cpl. Matthew Dolitsky had been having s[e]x in his patrol car and using cash and cocaine to pay for the encounters."



A police cruiser is a comforting sight for most citizens; cop cars are emblazoned with the words "To Protect and to Serve." Dolitsky made a mockery of that slogan by using his patrol car as a freak mobile where he had s[e]x with pr[o]stitutes.

The crooked cop paid the ho[o]kers with cash and cocaine, doesn`t every bad cop have cocaine readily available? It`s bad apples like Dolitsky who give the police department a bad name.

The Tampa Police Department should demonstrate that it doesn`t put up with corruption on the force by taking away Dolitsky`s pension, in spite of the opinion of pr[o]secutors that he gets to keep his pension because there isn`t enough evidence to charge him with any crimes.

This sorry excuse for a police officer will receive a pension of $27,142 each year for the rest of his miserable life, starting when he turns 46 in four years.

If Dolitsky had the nerve to point his gun at his fellow officers, we can only wonder how he treated the citizens he swore to protect. Thank goodness that at least Dolitsky is no longer on the force, he quit before he could be fired.

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