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Published:December 6th, 2011 14:17 EST

Video: Adorable Kittens Watching Figure Skating On TV

By Robert Paul Reyes

Kittens are even more popular on YouTube than they are in real life. Here`s a video from Japan, featuring kittens, that has garnered over 258,000 views. Enjoy!

In this video, you can see kittens bobbing their little heads along with the movement of the figure skater on a large screen TV. Viewing TV is an interactive sport for these felines, they frequently paw at the screen. I`m only compelled to touch the screen when Pamela Anderson is on a show; I touch her knockers to see if they are real.


This video confirms my suspicions that most people who watch figure skating are real pus{s}y... cats. A real man would rather undergo root canal surgery than watch figure skating on TV.

I enjoyed this video, so what does that make a man who enjoys watching kittens watching figure skaters? I feel a sudden need to do something real manly; I think I`m going to chop wood, or wrestle a bear.

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