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Published:December 7th, 2011 12:04 EST

Herman Cain: The Rise And Fall Of An Arrogant Scam Artist

By Robert Paul Reyes

Herman Cain ran a vanity campaign for president, and in a sane world he should have been nothing more than a footnote. He ran for Leader of the Free World to burnish his brand, sell more books, and to increase his value as a motivational speaker.


The former CEO of Godfather`s Pizza was lacking in the requirements essential to running a serious presidential campaign and holding the most important office in the world: Experience, rudimentary knowledge of current events, an organization capable of competing in several states, and a genuine desire to serve the American public.

The Baptist minister managed to become the presumptive frontrunner for a month before his campaign imploded in the midst of allegations of adultery and s[e]xual harassment.

The pizza executive used his booming preacher`s voice, his incredible chutzpah, and his simplistic 9-9-9 plan to enthrall the Republican electorate. When the Republican`s favorite (non-threatening) black politician thundered "9-9-9" conservatives ate it up as if he was delivering the Ten Commandments for the first time.

The family values crowd at first overlooked the charges of s[e]xual harassment leveled against Cain, the racists were too infatuated with the black minister who was everybody`s favorite Uncle Tom. The Reverend had such a gift for uttering pearls of wisdom like "Many blacks are too lazy to achieve financial success."

Maybe Herman Cain will become a full-time evangelist, his great voice, arrogance and spiffy wardrobe will serve him well in the ministry. Black evangelical preachers condemn homos[e]xuality and the sins of the flesh, but their congregations are very pragmatic and they tolerate ministers who fool around with either s[e]x. Don`t get me wrong, black evangelicals will speak out against homos[e]xuality and adultery, but a cognitive dissonance takes place and they embrace "men of God" who are as horny as an adult movie star. An African-American male preacher can deliver a sermon condemning homos[e]xually while donning a pink wig and wearing stiletto heels and the congregation will shout "Preach it brother, may the compassionate Lord smite those sodomites!" Of course very few homos[e]xuals have a penchant for wearing outrageous wigs, I`m merely trying to make a point.

Don`t feel sorry for brother Cain, like any true player he will find a way to make a very good living.

Now the leading candidate in the ongoing Republican reality show is Newt Gingrich, another clown who ran a vanity campaign for president, and who was only interesting in selling books and increasing his celeb luster.

Cain never had a chance of becoming president, but Newt, despite the enormous baggage that he lugs around, may very well be the next President of the United States.

We get the leaders that we deserve, and a nation in intellectual and moral decline deserves to have Gingrich in the White House.

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