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Published:December 7th, 2011 12:15 EST
Just a Few More Coats

Just a Few More Coats

By Ed Roberts

Just a Few More Coats

Outside the wind was blowing
Another winter day in Oklahoma
Seventeen degrees was the forecast high
If you could call it that
I pulled my coat closer
As I took my first look outside
God what a day
I thought to myself
As I got into my car to leave
But this was not a normal day
I had found a way to escape from work
An easy alternative
Or so I thought
Volunteering to hand out clothes
How hard could that be

It started out so easy
There seemed to be so much
So many nice things to give away
Then the people started coming
And they kept coming
I never thought there could be so many
Not here
On each face
I could really see their need
And around twelve o`clock it hit me
Just how hard of a task that I had drawn
Because the temperatures outside kept dropping
And the people
They just kept coming
And we had just given away
Our very last coat

Please let there be
A lot less people this year
Could you please make it
Just a little bit warmer
And if not
Could you please send us
Just a few more coats

Ed Roberts 8/24/01

It has been over 10 years since I wrote this poem. Unfortunately there is as great of a need now as there was then. Joy is seldom found in things that we are given but most often in the things we share with others.