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Published:December 7th, 2011 13:16 EST

SnoBars: Alcoholic Popsicles the Devil's Treat?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Could you get arrested for DUI, not for drinking, but eating a popsicle? Alcoholic popsicles are going on sale later this week in Arizona, and those things are potent -- some with extremely high alcohol content."



The crazy idea for the alcoholic posicles came to the company`s founder one night while drinking and eating ice cream. Word to the wise: Don`t follow through on any brilliant ideas that come to you late at night when you are drinking.

These SnoBars will allow scofflaws to drink and drive (lick and drive?), and they should be banned. There are already too many crazy folks behind the wheel, the last thing we need is for morons to be licking SnoBars while they are driving.

The warning "Not for Children" may appear on boxes of SnoBars, but kids find popsicles irresistible, and I don`t think it will be too long before a child dies of alcohol poisoning after eating a few SnoBars. Keep in mind that some of these SnoBars have 14 percent alcohol content.

SnoBars encourage binge drinking, we don`t associate sucking on a popsicle with consuming alcohol, and some folks won`t realize the danger in eating several of these high alcohol content treats.

I hope any fool who eats a SnoBar will get brain freeze.

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