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Published:December 9th, 2011 12:07 EST

Sad Day In Japan! Pusuke The Oldest Dog In The World Dies At 26

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Japanese owner of the canine certified as the world`s oldest living dog by Guinness World Records said the dog has died at the age of 26 years, 9 months."


The owner, Yumiko Shinohara, said her beloved pooch died a few minutes after she came home from running errands. "I think Pusuke waited for me to come home" she said. I don`t think Yumiko is being melodramatic, canines are very loyal and loving, and I`m convinced the old dog hung on to life so that he could see his owner one final time.


Pusuke was the equivalent of 125 years in human terms, he was fortunate to have an owner who loved him very deeply.

I was devastated when Midnite my old dog recently died, my condolences to Yumiko and everybody else who loved Pusuke.

Pusuke was special because he was certified as the oldest dog in the world, but every mutt is special in his own way. Adopt a puppy or an old dog from an animal shelter, you won`t regret it.

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