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Published:December 10th, 2011 16:17 EST
9 Great Tools to Fight Depression

9 Great Tools to Fight Depression

By Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari

Human nature is very flexible. Flexibility is one of the major gifts of nature to the human beings. It enables us to adjust in almost all types of environments and situations. But here is the dilemma; most of us get pressurized when the situation we are facing is changed, or to say, it goes against our mood.

This is the trigger of different psychological and physical problems ultimately most of us face due to increased tension and depression. Flexibility is the greatest tool to handle these kinds of situations. Tension and depression, if may not addressed in time, these may hamper our performance and health.

Here are some steps which can reduce depression:

1. Start with physical exercise.Believe it or not, brisk walk is the exercise which reduces tension to great extent. This fact is now supported by authenticated scientific researchers. Brisk walk has a direct relation with psychology. It changes repressive thoughts and promotes positiveness in your mind.

2. Think carefully.

Identify the causes that are irritating you. Identify the centers of your problems. Concentrate on the analysis you are doing about your problem. Major part of problems and grievances is resolved when we identify the actual problems.

3. Identify the negativities you are getting from unfavorable events. 

For example, why are you irritating when an electric motor runs; due to its irritating voice. The voice is the negativity that is disturbing you. In other words, discover the harmful effects of the problems you are facing.

4. Once you have discovered the problems and its effects upon you, you can now prepare an exit strategy.

You may ask questions from yourself and from your family and friends about the problem. If you have gone through first two steps, you can easily explain to others about your problem.

5. Above mentioned four steps have narrowed the boundaries of you evil. 

You can now easily spot the trouble and troublemaker. Now you can prepare yourself to fight against trouble and if you cannot eradicate it completely, you may work for minimizing the adverse effects of it. This step involves heavily the self belief, self motivation, will power and your intelligence. Among these, SELF BELIEF and WILL POWER are major tools to fight.

6. Modify your diet to to help in your fight against depression.

Decreased intake of sugar, oily food, junk food, salt and sweet dishes will help your mind to think actively. A balanced routine of diet is a major component which will help you in getting out of worse. Majority of people totally neglect this issue, but if one is really striving for coming out of trouble, one must set his diet schedule.

7. Keep continuing to ask questions to yourself about your problem.

If this happens then what will happen? How would I deal the situation if this happens? These questions will help you in simplifying your issues.

8. Take your fight against depression as training.

This is a way to see negative things with a positive mind. This will enhance positivity. Try to find positive things in the issues related with you.

9. Monitor your progress.

When you will start getting out of it, tell yourself that you can do it, make sure not to lose your success and try to maintain the pace of progress. This is a great way of overcoming the situation. Try not to look back on miseries, but if you do this, then this must be for a positive comparison.