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Published:December 11th, 2011 21:22 EST

Bad News: Pop Tart Lady Gaga Back On Twitter

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This year activists are taking steps to raise money for World AIDS Day 2011 by refraining from social media. It`s all a part of Alicia Keys` Keep a Child Alive charity, which encourages celebrities to maintain their silence on Twitter and other social media platforms until $1 million is raised to support young victims of HIV/AIDS in underdeveloped areas.



Celebrity twits Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga joined the campaign, but Gaga just couldn`t stop twitting her usual nonsense, and she`s back on Twitter even though the campaign has only raised about half a million.

Lady Gaga is so conceited and divorced from reality that she fancies that the world just can`t survive without her banal tweets. Gaga`s monsters eat up her tweets like it`s Manna from heaven, but the rest of us would rather read love poems by Charlie Manson.

I`ll save everybody the the bother of checking out Lady Gaga`s Tweeter feed. Here`s an example of her comments:

*U little monsters R letting down Mother Monster! Buy 5 copies of my album, I want to catch up with Adele.

*Bill O`Reilly wrote a column about me! Crud dat old fart knows who I am. I`m so freakin mainstream. Gotta do something really weird 2 get my cred back

*Just took a dump, I was right, my poop doesn`t stink Hello! awesome idea! Gaga fragrance!

*Can`t wait 4 Madonna`s new album! I will re-do at least 4 songs from her CD

You get the idea.

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