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Published:December 18th, 2011 12:40 EST

Everybody Tebowing Like Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow!

By Robert Paul Reyes

As quarterback and Messiah Tim Tebow leads the charging Broncos toward the playoffs, his ritual of getting down on a knee and praying (tebowing) has caught on in every corner of the world. Even people who don`t know a touchdown from a toaster are tebowing for no discernable reason.


Tebow isn`t well versed in the mechanics of throwing the perfect pass, and video of the Broncos quarterback will never be shown to aspiring quarterbacks. But there are millions of believers, and unbelievers, who watch film of Tebow tebowing to get the mechanics of the prayerful ritual down pat.

The efficacy of tebowing is beyond dispute, Tebow has had one thrilling comeback win after another. I bet there are gazillions of people who tebow in hopes of passing a test or scoring with the hot chick who just moved in next door.

Whether the gridiron is the proper venue for an ostentatious display of annoying religiosity is the subject of another essay. The focus of this editorial is tebowing as a pop culture phenomenon. Tebowing is on the same level as "shuffling", the new dance craze. If Tim Tewbow shuffled after every touchdown, every fan in the stands would be shuffling along with him.

Visit Tebowing.Com and you will see folks from every nation in the world tebowing. For goodness sake, there`s even an image of a fetus tebowing.

Everybody needs to get with the damn program and tebow, just get down on one knee like a Pharisee and put your fist on your forehead as if you were trying to knock yourself out.

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