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Published:December 19th, 2011 12:09 EST

Woman: My Date Ditched Me By Stealing My Car!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida woman says she was at a movie with a friend when he excused himself to go get something from her car only to disappear with it.

The Pasco County Sheriff`s Office said the Zephyrhills woman, whose name was not released, and Michael Pratt, 27, of New Port Richey were taking in a movie last week when Pratt asked for her car keys, saying he wanted to retrieve something from the rental, a 2012 Ford Focus."



If a woman is at the movies with her date and he ditches her by driving away in her car, that`s not exactly the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I`ve heard of insensitive clods ditching their girlfriend via text message, but this dude really takes the cake.

This unnamed woman probably feels devastated, but the guy is a loser and she should be glad he`s gone. Pratt has a long rap sheet, including convictions for fraud, grand theft and forgery.

The woman called the guy when he failed to return after a few minutes, and he told her "I stole your car" and hung up. At least the car he stole was a rental, she may be out a boyfriend, but not a car.

The poor lady should think of Prat as a rental that didn`t work out, and look for a new boyfriend.

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