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Published:December 22nd, 2011 14:50 EST
EVP Recording of Ghost at The Old Jail in St. Augustine

EVP Recording of Ghost at The Old Jail in St. Augustine

By SOP newswire2

Ms. Piazza,

Hi, my name is Brent Ludlow.  I just read your article "Hickory Dickory Dock "I think I heard a Ghost at 12 O`clock" from 2009 about hauntings in St. Augustine.  My wife and I just returned from a three day trip to St. Augustine.  The trip was totally geared toward hauntings.  It was planned by my wife as a birthday present to me.  We had a great time with several experiences. .  We captured a very good, clear EVP at the Old Jail.  We actually had so many experiences, we have dedicated a facebook page to it, and definitely want a trip back.  

Here is the EVP. Here is the conditions of the event:  My wife and I went to the Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida for a semi-private investigation with a paranormal investigative team.  We were by ourselves in the very small women`s ward (two cells in a separate room).  As I walked through the cell opening I felt a tug on my jacket.  I turned and asked my wife if she tugged on me.  She was about three feet behind me and shook her head no. 

I may have rubbed against the cell, but it was a smooth bar on that side...either way, I played it off.  I decided to hop up on the top bunk (there were two bunks in the cell).  I layed on the top bunk for several minutes.  We heard nothing but some other females on the investigation in the distance.  They were just faint, echoing, mumbles as they were in a completely different section of the jail. 

After reviewing the recording we were shocked to hear at around a female voice.  This is not my wife nor the other females in the building.  We both agree that she is saying, "come here tonight."  Interesting enough, the women`s cell block has been known to be haunted by a woman they refer to as Blue Lady.  I wonder if the tug was really her, and there was some kind of delay in her getting her words out.

What do you think?

Brent Ludlow