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Published:December 22nd, 2011 12:03 EST
Kashmir Government And The Case of Fake Order

Kashmir Government And The Case of Fake Order

By SOP newswire2

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Government has referred the case of fake order about the regularization of some daily wagers appearing in a local daily to the crime branch. 

The government has made it clear that the order bearing No106-PD of 2010 dated 28-12-2010 and cabinet decision No 236/21 2010 dated 10-10-2011 appearing in the newspaper is fake and have been published to mislead the public at large with criminal intention.

On the perusal of the records it was revealed that the government Order No 106-PD of 2010 dated 28-12-2010 issued by planning department on 25-10-2010 pertains to stepping up of pay under provisions of J&K, Civil Services Higher Standard Pay scale scheme rule 1996, in favour of some statistical officials of J&K, Economics and Statistics,  while the cabinet decision mentioned in the fake order actually pertained to the engagement of uneducated youth of thestate- in pursuance which the planning department under its government order No105-PD of 2010 dated 25-10-2010 authorized engagement of 43,000 casual/seasonal labourers. 

As the order appearing in the newspaper is fake, it is for the information of the public at large that the government has referred the case to the crime branch to probe the persons behind the issuance of fake order. (AIPNews)

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