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Published:December 23rd, 2011 11:11 EST
A Poem Written About The SOP

A Poem Written About The SOP

By SOP newswire2



Opportunities for passionate writers,

The SOP continues to provide,

To highly ethical journalism,

encourages to abide.


To showcase their talents,

writers are free.

To communicate with others,

that is the key.


Thoughtful editors gladly,

help student writers improve.

They watch them grow,

and find their own groove.


They are wonderful mentors,

with knowledge and advice.

To write effectively,

be direct and concise.


The SOP also features,

a radio network with fans.

Interesting interviews,

are among its values and plans.


Offers a useful platform,

for musicians to market their stuff.

Because they understand,

it`s often lonely and tough.


All the editors and writers,

genuinely care.

Their time and their wisdom,

openly share. 



Martin Dejnicki