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Published:December 23rd, 2011 13:18 EST

Sarah Palin Hates On Bo, The First Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sarah Palin, it seems, finds the Obama family Christmas card featuring First Dog Bo something less than appropriate.

The former governor of Alaska tod Fox News that she found it `odd` that the card featured the dog rather than the cores of the holiday: `family, faith and freedom.`


The Obama`s card shows Bo, the family`s Portuguese Water Dog, lounging in front of a lit fireplace.The fireplace is decorated with red bows and greenery, while a wider shot of the room shows a big poinsettia on a table and wrapped presents.


The White House has already released an Obama Christmas card featuring the President, his wife and his beautiful daughters. That was the perfect holiday card, there was nary a Christmas tree or a manger scene to offend anyone.

This new card may be even better than the first, it depicts non-religious generic holiday decorations, and most importantly it features the most popular resident of the White house, First Dog Bo.

Sarah Palin must be desperate for attention, if she can`t think of anything more important to complain about than the White House Christmas card.

Bo represents freedom, loyalty and love, only a Grinch would find fault with those values.,0,260145.story?track=rss

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