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Published:December 27th, 2011 16:31 EST

Charming Florida Couple Celebrates 70 Years of Marriage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida couple who marked their 70th wedding anniversary on Christmas day said their marriage has lasted so long because they `worked for it.`"


St. Augustine resident Mildred McQuaig, 87, said she and her husband, Melvin, 90, celebrated their anniversary with a crowd of almost one hundred. It`s no surprise that most of the folks who attended the festivities were their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. The charming couple has probably outlived all of their contemporaries. The fact that so many family members attended their anniversary party is evidence that the elderly couple is held in high esteem. I hope that when I`m 70, there will still be 70 people who even know that I`m still alive.

Mildred (lol you can guess she is older than dirt by her name) says the secret to the longevity of their marriage is that they are both willing to forgive and be forgiven.

I think the secret to their long marriage is that Melvin is perfectly happy to let Mildred do all the talking.

What a wonderful and sweet story, I wish the McQuaigs nothing but happiness.

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