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Published:December 27th, 2011 11:19 EST
Indications of Planetary Movements for UK During the Year 2012

Indications of Planetary Movements for UK During the Year 2012

By Kushal Kumar

The year 2011 is about to bid a good-bye to pave a way for the year 2012 to get in. While one has been seen, the other is unseen. To be curious to know the unseen is natural to human beings.

The natal horoscope for UK followed in the West is mostly for 1st January 1801 with ascendant in the sign Libra having 7 degrees and 1 minute. When this is converted into sidereal zodiac followed in the Vedic astrology by deduction of about 21 degrees applicable for January 1801, sign Virgo with 16 degrees rises in the ascendant.

The sum and substance of these astrological inputs is that the ruling sign for the natal horoscope of UK relevant for the time of 1st January, 1801 event is Virgo of the sidereal zodiac. This ruling sign is relevant for an indefinite period.

In Vedic astrology, every year has a separate ruling sign in relation to the horoscope for the time when the Sun and the Moon conjoin in sign Pisces of the sidereal zodiac. During the year 2012, such a conjunction takes place on 22 March, 2012 at 20 hours 10 minutes (= 8.10 P.M.) Indian Standard Time.

Astrological calculations based on these details for London give sign Leo of the tropical zodiac with about 24 degrees in the ascendant. When this ascendant is converted into sidereal zodiac followed in the Vedic astrology by effecting reduction of about 23 degrees and 56 minutes relevant for the year 2012, half a degree of sign Leo rises in the ascendant. In other words, horoscope in relation to the year 2012 has sign Leo with half a degree in the ascendant. The horoscope may be perused at Annexure `A` to this article.

It would be noted from the aforesaid astrological discussion that the natal ruling sign of the horoscope of UK for the event 1st January, 1801, which is Virgo, falls in the second house of the horoscope for the year 2012 having Leo in the ascendant. Thus the focus is on the second house which denotes economy , food and other eatables. The sign Leo is a fixed, fiery and masculine sign owned by the Sun.

Also, half degree of Leo in the ascendant suggests influence of sign Aries also, which is again a fiery sign owned by Mars. These astrological inputs suggest determined and well-meaning efforts towards solving the problems faced by the country. Since owners of Leo and Aries are respectively Sun and Mars have nothing in common with the sign Aquarius falling in the seventh house from the ascendant Leo, planetary hint for UK is for exercising a bit of care while dealing with partners in trade or any venture during the year.

There is another area which will be of concern for the country during the year. The natal ruling sign for 1st January, 1801 event, as said earlier also, falls in the second house in the horoscope of the year 2012.

Therefore, the focus areas will be the economy and production of food and other eatables. When the planet Jupiter moves to sign Taurus of sidereal zodiac in the month of May, 2012 which happens to be the tenth house from ascendant Leo of the horoscope for the year 2012 (Annexure `A`), it will aspect sign Virgo in the second house. Jupiter would be effective by about September, 2012 onwards for about six months.

These astrological inputs indicate that there could be a bit of success in the area of economy, production of food and other eatables. Administrative revamping and steps for the growth of trade in the sectors of garments, fruits and flowers are more likely from about September, 2012 onwards.


Annexure `A` to Article, "Indiacations of Planetary Movement during the Year 2012 for UK" House Number Planets in occupation Sign of occupation

1. (Ascendant) Mars (in retrograde motion) Leo

2. Virgo

3. Saturn ( in retrograde motion ) Libra

4. Rahu ( North node of the Moon ) Scorpio

5. Sagittarius

6. Capricorn

7. Aquarius

8. Sun, Moon and Mercury Pisces

9. Jupiter and Venus. Aries

10. Ketu , North node of Moon Taurus



Note:- The author is proficient in both political and individual astrology and can be reached at 202/GH28, Mansarovar Apartments, Sector 20, Panchkula, Haryana, India. He gives advice on the basis of natal horoscopes of individuals covering such aspects of life as health, wealth, education, profession, business, marital hapiness and the like.