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Published:December 27th, 2011 14:20 EST

Riot At Saks Over Designer Shoes! Riots At Malls Over Nike Sneakers! Racism In US

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A limited-time shoe sale at New York`s Saks Fifth Avenue turned into a mad dash for shoes and checkout spots before the sale expired, witnesses said.

Witnesses said the 4-hour, 60-percent sale that ended at noon Monday produced a frenzy over Oscar de la Renta and Christian Louboutin footwear, as well as people jockeying for position in line to reach the cashier before the sale ended, the New York Daily News reported."



The release of Nike`s Air Jordan XI Retro Concords last Friday (December 23) caused riots at shopping malls across the nation. The cable news outlets replayed video ad nauseam of young black men shoving and even fighting each other to get their hands on the coveted sneakers.

The comment sections of the Web sites than ran this story were brimming over with the most racist statements I`ve read in a long time. African Americans were called every ugly name you can think of: Gorillas, beasts, thugs, porch monkeys, gangstas....

The isolated incidents of violence over Nike`s Air Jordan sneakers were used as a metaphor for the pathologies of the African American community.

I wonder what these racist self-styled sociologists have to say about the riot over designer shoes at New York City`s Saks Fifth Avenue? Security guards had to clear out the shoe department, and I doubt Saks will ever again hold a sale of this nature.

Are the folks who were so incensed over the Nike riots going to use this incident to condemn an entire class of people? Will they declare that this incident demonstrates the inherent lawlessness of the upper class?

I don`t think so. Hypocrites!

People are people, it doesn`t matter if they are urban youth or trendy fashionistas. Whenever a department store holds a limited-hour sale with very few items of a coveted product available-- chaos will ensue.

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