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Published:December 28th, 2011 19:22 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Literacy Advocate Denise Eide, Author of Uncovering the Logic of English

Judyth Piazza interviews Literacy Advocate Denise Eide, Author of Uncovering the Logic of English

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Author Denise Eide is an educator, speaker, and curriculum designer. She has worked in the field of literacy instruction since 1995.


Denise specializes in teaching reading and spelling instruction to educators and parents by unveiling the the logic of English and demonstrating to teachers methods that ensure success for all students. She seeks to make methods that have been reserved for remedial reading centers available to all students, parents, and educators.


Denise is available to speak or give workshops on a variety of subjects related to teaching English, reading, and spelling.



Uncovering the Logic of English features numerous, helpful lists that assist in spelling and reading words, such as:


·          Multi-letter vowels and consonants.

·          Multi-letter phonogram sounds and spelling aids.

·          The most commonly used suffixes and prefixes.

·          Slang words ending in I and U


"Though the problem of illiteracy is larger than systematic phonics," says Eide, "in my view this is the foundational issue. If we do not solve this, we cannot address the other components. If we do solve this, then we can begin to address the other pieces. Obviously the end goal of learning to read is to comprehend. But to begin teaching comprehension when students do not know how to decode words is akin to putting up the walls of a house without a foundation to attach it to. The walls will fall down and though we keep putting them up, they will continue to be unstable."


Uncovering the Logic of English is an innovative book on reading education that provides accessible, cost effective answers to the educational crisis by revealing the logic behind English spelling and reading and demonstrating the power of this knowledge to our nation`s students.


One way to greatly improve literacy is to alter how the English language is being taught to our children. Rather than relying on memorization, or seeing words as pictures, we need to clearly teach the rules and phonograms that explain a majority of English words. We need to stop teaching unreliable rules and the numerous exceptions that are created by them so that children can see the language really isn`t illogical.


"My goal in writing the book is to encourage teaching how English really works. I believe the English-speaking world`s failure to teach all students consistently about a reliable phonics system has led to the devastating reality that two-thirds of the nation`s youth read below grade level."


When students begin to understand there are real patterns and laws to the language, they will start to see how the puzzle fits together rather than guessing, memorizing words, or getting frustrated with the spelling of words that don`t seem to conform to a standard. Children will now see how it all makes sense.


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