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Published:December 28th, 2011 13:32 EST

UK Police Chief Mad As Hell: Tired Of Getting Calls About UFO's, Zombies, And Vampires

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A police chief has hit out at cops being forced to answer `bonkers` questions from the public - such as how many werewoves, vampires and zombies have been investigated"

Chief Constable Ian Arundale is frustrated and annoyed that his officers are forced to waste time and resources responding to calls about zombies, UFO`s and vampires.

The police on this side of the pond are vexed with the same problem. If you see a zombie walking out of a bar at two in the morning, it`s Lindsay Lohan for goodness sake, not a zombie. If you see Bigfoot in the woods, chances are it`s not the mythological creature, but Oprah Winfrey looking for a wild hog to snack on. If you see a UFO, put down your bottle of Jack Daniels, it`s your slacker son tossing a Frisbee in the air. That vampire who only comes out at night, is your neighbor`s Goth wannabe daughter.

If you are fascinated by zombies and other freaks, don`t bother law enforcement, watch MSNBC or CNN and you will get your fill of freaks as they cover the GOP presidential campaign.

Cops are here to serve and protect the public from burglars, muggers, vandals and other riff-raff, if you see a zombie or Bigfoot, call one of your moron friends.

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