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Published:December 31st, 2011 10:33 EST
2012: A Nuclear New Year

2012: A Nuclear New Year

By SOP newswire2

In a former work of historical fiction, the author quotes the commander of a platoon of young Zionist freedom fighters stationed in the hills above Jerusalem, in April 1948, as saying we are fighting not only for our lives but for the future of the Jewish people. "

However, that was inaccurate, for now, over sixty years later, we know that this was not, and never was, the case.  The proportion of world Jewry who have chosen to live in Israel is very much less than half of the total worldwide, whilst the clear majority have indicated with their feet that they have no wish to live in a country continuously at war with its neighbours, and the world.

The political Zionism of Netanyahu`s Likud party is anoutdated, minority movement that seeks to expand the state into a Greater Israel by extending it from the Mediterranean Sea in the West, to the Jordanian capital of Amman in the East, and from the Golan Heights in Syria to the Northand as far south as the Gulf of Aqaba, in Egypt. The strategy being to encompass the whole of the River Jordan and its waters, from the Sea of Galilee through to Aqaba.

This political agenda that claims the land and water from four nations i.e. the Palestinians, the Jordanians, the Syrians and the Egyptians, has been pursued and in some cases already implemented by successive Israeli governments with the essential support of an emasculated US Congress that has learned to acquiesce to whatever demands are placed upon it by the powerful American-Israel lobby.

The result is a Zionist state  that has the most powerful military force, percapita, in the entire world; armed to the teeth with hundreds of F15 & F16 strike aircraft, helicopter gunships, nuclear-armed submarines and the most lethal, secret nuclear weapons arsenal anywhere on the globe - one that is completely undeclared and therefore kept free from any inspection by the IAEA.

This is the deadly, dangerous situation in which the US, incollusion with powerful foreign interests, has created a threat hithertoun known to mankind " a threat that is rarely if ever discussed by the media, anywhere. Any media comment being the immediate recipient of virulent accusations of "anti-Semitism` until the offending article is withdrawn by the unfortunate publisher. That is, until the advent of the Internet blog. Now we can all be aware of the true facts, that are immediately available to anyone at the touch of a key.

Yet we still do not appreciate that we are possibly only days, weeks or months away from a nuclear war that will start in the Middle East and quickly engulf Europe and beyond. It will probably commence with Israel using its nuclear warheads against Iran which will immediately retaliate with attacks on shipping in the Strait of Hormuz, and cities throughout the western world.  Other nuclear states will be drawn into the escalating conflict, including Pakistan, France, Britain, Russia and the US. Global oil supplies will be either cut or curtailed and themael strom that will ensue will then become WW3. The first world war since 1945 and the first, and only, nuclear war in history.

This frightening scenario is reliably forecast to become a real threat during 2012, that is within the next twelve months! Meanwhile, arms, aircraft and military equipment continue to flood into Israel at the rate of millions of dollars every month, courtesy of a Congress that mistakenly thinks that a nuclear war in the Middle East will be too far distant to affect America.It seems to be unaware that deadly radiation does not require a Green Card.

All these facts point to one course of action only: that the United Nations Security Council resolves to make the whole Middle East region a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, to include both Iran and Israel, as a matter of urgency and regardless of any possible US veto intended to frustrate the will of the international community.

Douglas Reed