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Published:January 2nd, 2012 00:29 EST

2012 Begins With Dead Birds, Will It End With Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in a central Arkansas town say about 100 blackbirds died on New Year`s Eve after being spooked by fireworks, far less than the thousands that perished there a year ago."


birdsThe residents of Beebe nerves must be on edge, and wondering if they are living in the epicenter of a coming cataclysm.

Fewer birds may have dropped from the sky this New Year`s Eve, but this is the fateful year 2012, and every weird and unsettling occurrence is being examined to see if it`s an omen of evil things to come.

This will be the year of living cautiously; I don`t want to do anything to anger the gods. There`s angst and fear permeating the culture, and I may have to curb my sarcastic tongue and my snarky pen. I don`t want to set off any fireworks; you may see a kinder and gentler Robert Paul Reyes in 2012.

Will the tiny madman of Iran spark a war with Israel to hasten the coming of the 12th Imam? Will the baby-faced new dictator of North Korea start a war with South Korea to prove he`s a big man? Will al Qaeda attack America with biological weapons in revenge over the execution of bin Laden, and to demonstrate that they are still relevant? Will the Islamists seize control of Egypt, and rip up the peace treaty with Israel? Will the Euro Zone crisis degenerate into a worldwide depression? Will Putin provoke a crisis with the United States to consolidate his support in Russia? Will the Occupy movement lead to a 2nd American Revolution?

This year there are many dreadful questions and no reassuring answers. Don`t look for answers in the Koran, the Bible or the ancient Mayan calendar. Physicists may never find the God particle, and we may never find out what evil is headed our way until it annihilates us.

As the signs and omens pile up like the carcasses of thousands of dead birds, I won`t be the only blogger writing in an apocalyptic tone.

It started with dead birds once again raining down from the skies of Arkansas; will it end with the fulfillment of Maya prophecy?

Don`t dismiss me as a crackpot until we survive 2012.

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