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Published:January 1st, 2012 12:32 EST

'Animal Friends' Advocacy Group Saves Dozens Of Animals From Death

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An animal advocacy group in western Pennsylvania has carried out its annual New Year`s Eve rescue, saving 61 dogs and cats from death.

Animal Friends took custody of 40 dogs and 21 cats Friday from shelters in four counties, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. All were likely to be put down."



This wasn`t a publicity stunt, Animal Friends has carried out animal rescues for the past 15 years. This animal rights group has saved hundreds of cats and dogs from death.

PETA should take notice and stop engaging in silly publicity stunts, and take concrete actions to save animals from certain death.

Animal Friends saves dozens of animals at a time, but we can adopt one dog or cat at a time. There are dozens of beautiful cats and dogs waiting for adoption at your local animal shelter. It`s a sad fact, but most of these animal will be put to death if they aren`t adopted.

Animal Friends bathes the animals, has them examined and checked by vets, and then puts them up for adoption.

Bravo to Animal Friends and everyone else who is doing their part to save animals.

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