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Published:January 2nd, 2012 11:06 EST
ADL Caring Companions: A Great Outlook for 2012!

ADL Caring Companions: A Great Outlook for 2012!

By Tom Ski

As we continue to celebrate the holiday season, readying for the New Year in order to look ahead, make our resolutions, and gear up to achieve our dreams in the next three-hundred-and-sixty-five days that we`ve been allotted, the warmth of friends and family is above all one of the most important things we need to surround ourselves with.  Right now is absolutely the largest opportunity we have all year long to be able to reunite and relax with our loved ones and leave the worries of work, school and other everyday obligations far behind.  

But as most of us are aware, the senior members of our family see this particular time of year as a dark and somewhat difficult time.  If they are, thankfully,  around the family table enjoying their meal with their loved ones, they are undoubtedly remembering the holiday feasts from long ago.  The times that have gone before where their own mothers and fathers and significant others were surrounding them.      

Love, support and encouragement are three things that should be given to every person of every age on a daily basis, but as we`ve seen over time, it has become more and more difficult to spend that much-needed time with our elders when the holiday season comes upon us.     

Geographic separations, as well as work responsibilities and financial issues have kept many families apart this year, and our seniors truly need that regular, daily companionship during the weeks leading up to and through the holiday season.  As we`ve spoken about over this past year, there is an incredible company that is becoming more and more popular on an extremely broad scale as time moves forward.  They are a company that has shown all of us that companionship is the way for families to stave off a senior`s blues, not to mention the perfect way for a senior to continue to thrive in their own home without having to be placed in a facility or institution.    

Companion care offers activities such as exercise, meal preparation, transportation to and from social events, and the ability to have a friend who is there because they WANT to be there - and those companions come directly from ADL Caring Companions.  We all know that with companionship comes the ability to completely erase feelings of depression or loneliness. It allows all seniors to continue to thrive each and every day - even their physical limitations can be overcome when someone is there by their side helping them.     

ADL Caring Companions has been researched for many months now, and as far as the service they provide and the wonderful people they employ, the data that should be most remembered is the fact that ADL Caring Companions is dedicated to enhancing the life of their clients by delivering the highest quality, and most compassionate  `friends` that can be found.      

Although the type of  `worker` that ADL Caring Companions employs are skilled and knowledgeable of their industry, they are also thrilled to go to work every day because they realize that the job they do is effective - it includes real-live interaction that actually enhances a person`s life.  And ADL Caring Companions are the ones who make sure that their philosophy and their skilled employees really want to be a lifelong friend and companion to their clients.   

The other side of this coin that entrepreneurs can think about for 2012 is the number we mentioned two weeks back.  That number was $2.1 trillion dollars. We noted that according to the IFA (International Franchise Association) almost 4% of all small businesses in the United States are franchises. The franchise industry accounts for approximately 40% of all retail sales in the United States and a new franchise business opens every eight minutes of every business day.      

The data that recently came out, however, was from the Sacramento Business Journal, which stated that some of the fastest growing franchise opportunities are in-home care services. The first wave of baby boomers became seniors in 1996 and changed this industry from an $86 billion market to franchises that will grow into a $490 billion market by 2030. With these statistics, any business savvy individual can see that the home care services industry is the market to tap, or at least to investigate much more thoroughly.   

This rapid market growth is a result of some serious health care reforms that have been passed in order to stop unnecessary hospital admissions, because of a lack of hospital space and skilled nursing beds.  Not only that, but it is now a huge preference among seniors to remain at home as long as possible.   

Entrepreneurs have been attracted to home care franchising which is no big surprise, seeing as that their ROI`s (return on investments) have ranged from twelve percent all the way up to twenty percent in the quickest turnaround time ever seen.  As the New Year is about to be celebrated, many people have had enough of participating in jobs they simply do not like, so they are turning to lucrative franchising opportunities.  But the biggest deal is the fact that these same people not only want to make money, they want to make a difference in people`s lives.   

That is the definition of ADL Caring Companions in a nutshell.  Opening up an ADL franchise in YOUR town or city is the best move that you can make for 2012.  By choosing this path, you have the foresight to make sure that the seniors in your community are given the BEST care humanly possible and, at the same time, giving them a true friend.   

Frankly, there needs to be thousands of franchises when it comes to ADL Caring Companions.  Not only that, but their  `franchise package` is remarkable.  ADL Caring Companions differs from the rest of the healthcare industry because they not only want you to succeed, but they also offer you the support you need to succeed!  ADL Caring Companions is not even a company - it is a necessity.  Every single city in America should take advantage of this offer.  This is a place that provides exactly what our senior citizens need - a companion.  A friend.  A person who truly cares about them; who wants nothing more than to help them through the senior years of their lives.  We`ve said this line before, and it must be said again:  ADL Caring Companions offers honor, hope, loyalty, and respect to the people who deserve it!     

So read the reports, look at the information, and make 2012 the most lucrative and rewarding year for you and your family by opening an ADL Caring Companions in your town!   

Happy New Year!   

Until Next Time, Everybody.   

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