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Published:January 3rd, 2012 16:23 EST

Herman Cain, Please Do The Right Thing And Disappear!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`She is doing fine because since I got out of the race, we don`t have to constantly hear the spinning and the respinning of those false accusations.`From that standpoint, she is great. And she is very supportive of this national movement that I`m going to be launching later this week in order to keep attention on what`s really important in this.`"


Herman Cain

Erstwhile presidential candidate Herman Cain refuses to leave the spotlight. The disgraced CEO of Godfather`s Pizza made this statement on on The Early Show, this morning. On the morning of the Iowa Caucuses, the American public wants to hear from the candidates who are still in the race, not from one who exited the race in abject humiliation.  Herman Cain`s new more humble goal is to become a political commentator on TV, and I`m sure he will eventually land a gig on the Fox News channel. Cain doesn`t know anything about politics or anything else for that matter, but if Fox hired Sarah Palin, they will hire anybody.

In preparation for his new role as a political analyst Cain is trying to repair his reputation by pretending to care about his wife. Let`s get real, as a businessman and as a presidential candidate, Cain rarely saw his dear wife. Cain cares about her as much as I care about the gopher who is tearing up my front lawn.

Maybe a miracle will occur and Fox News will exercise a little bit of responsibility to their viewers by not offering him a job.

Cain`s fifteen minutes of fame is history, we don`t care about his `national movement`, or his views on politics. The only TV option that should be open to the randy minister is a reality show based on how he juggles his lovers.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons