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Published:January 3rd, 2012 07:16 EST
Most Telling Statement of Justin DiPietro: Dec 16th 'Just a Normal Night!'

Most Telling Statement of Justin DiPietro: Dec 16th 'Just a Normal Night!'

By John G. Kays

What struck me most about Justin DiPietro`s ABC interview was his ho-hum composure and nonchalance, his easy-come easy-go attitude, where levels of control were whistling a tune of guilelessness and discombobulation regarding the strange goings on at 69 Violette Drive, December 16th (which continues into the17th). Justin`s demeanor looked most convincing and truthful to me, unless he`s the best character actor since Rod Steiger.

Okay, so I watched the interview four times looking for clues as to deception, yea, obvious lying. Didn`t see any telltale omens of outright mendaciousness; it was more in how little he said, rather than any outright blabbermouth fibbing elaborations, such as we saw with Casey Anthony. Justin is cool, calm, and collect, and reminded me of the cool cookie Lee Oswald, who probably had a good amount of CIA coaching.

Did Justin practice speaking in front of a vanity mirror until he had his spiel down pat? Perhaps! This is what some are saying who just can`t believe he was not involved in his daughter`s odd disappearing act the evening of December 16th, in Waterville, Maine. The Waterville police are now saying a crime definitely took place, but naturally enough, are not giving us any details regarding the nature of the abduction or whatever it is that took place in that little gray house.

If it sounds as if I`m spinning some flim-flam or flapdoddle here, I`ll have to confess, you caught me, since not much in the way of news was revealed yesterday. We hear now that the chances of finding baby Ayla Reynolds have been reduced to a percentage of 1 %. Moreover, many experts are saying outright that Ayla is probably deceased. Trista Reynolds, who`s been all over the news, hid from the media yesterday, since her child was sick.

The unusual  `non-relationship` Trista shares (or better, doesn`t share) with Ayla`s father, Justin, has been a sore spot in the news. And coupled that with the fact of Trista seeking help for a substance abuse problem, hasn`t helped in her cause to project herself as the more virtuous party or parent in this sordid affair; it simply complicates things several fold. No one is coming off like a little bright-eyed Shirley Temple in this Maine imbroglio that preoccupies (consumes) our attention.

One item or comment that I observed from Monday`s ABC interview with Justin DiPietro is my own original scoop (that is, no other news service seemed to see what I saw. Not even the Associated Press!) I`ll share it with you, since it is most out of place in every way imaginable. Justin said casually, Friday the 16th of December was: "Just a normal night." How could Justin say this, in the face of the fact that his precious daughter vanished into thin air that `weirdest of nights?`

And what about the loud noise at 3:30 AM heard by a neighbor? Was this normal to Justin, or did he sleep through this noticeable crash that caused a neighbor`s dog to start barking like crazy? And who was this person who dropped by the humble Violette house? What other people were present? Were these people Justin`s parents and girlfriend?

A television interview is not a lie-detector test, but boy, it sure can unveil a great deal about the character of the person who`s the object of our meticulous scrutiny. At times, Justin`s eyes seem to embody a vast treasure-trove of additional furtive information, unless my imagination is poisoning the better part of my judgment. You can look at the interview one way (innocent), then rewind the tape and see it in an entirely different way (guilty). One thing you have to admit, he did a superb job, if you can sit on both sides of the fence at once!