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Published:January 6th, 2012 15:49 EST

A Gifted Man Returns with a Twist

By Paulette Cohn

A Gifted Man returns with all-new episodes tonight with a twist. Instead of Michael (Patrick Wilson) saving someone else`s life, it is his life that is in jeopardy and he requires immediate surgery to stay alive.


"Luckily, I have been very fortunate not to have any near-death experience yet. So no, this is a first for me and it was great," says the 38-year-old Norfolk, VA-born actor. What`s been really exciting is to learn about all the surgeries and then be the recipient of one. I finally empathized with all the characters that have to sit on the operating table for many hours at a time while the camera gets set up, but it was a dose of my own medicine there."

Being a Friday night series comes with drawbacks. There is less TV audience available to tune in, but the happy news for A Gifted Man is that they have not had any decrease in their ratings since the series premiered.

That said, executive producer Neal Baer, who is also a doctor in real life, got on the phone to talk to reporters to urge viewer tune in, saying, "I think it`s a show that explores areas of medicine that we haven`t seen before on television and it`s all the processes of healing, not just the doctor shows that we`ve seen in the past but the other side of healing, the spiritual side, the side that can`t be explained."

The series will also feature Christina Milian in an upcoming episode. Baer says, "The singer and actress plays a really interesting role as a pretty spoiled young diva who has some very unusual medical problems and symptoms that Patrick`s character is trying to figure out."

A Gifted Man airs on Friday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS.