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Published:January 6th, 2012 07:54 EST
Jodi Arias is Starting to Edge Out Casey Anthony for 'Bad Girl' Internet Market Share!

Jodi Arias is Starting to Edge Out Casey Anthony for 'Bad Girl' Internet Market Share!

By John G. Kays


My own primitive survey of internet market share indicates that of the two Bad Girl Queens (Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias) dominating the news in terms of sensation, Jodi is starting to get the upper hand. This survey is neither scientific nor is it particularly statistical, but rather it`s merely an eyeball as[s]essment. Casey`s new YouTube video met with a lukewarm reception yesterday, while any news on Jodi Arias (such as her trial date moving back to October) goes viral instantaneously!


One might idly speculate why this is so until they are blue in the face, but perhaps the reasons for this marketing reality are a mirror is reflecting back in our face, their narcissism is actually our own, in an odd twist of a collective mentality, where network news attempts to intersect with what could possibly titillate a hungry American audience, who is starved for entertainment that ratchets up our emotions (while living in a rote, work-a-day world-see Frank Zappa).  


Jodi can do this for us (currently), since her story is new to us, unfamiliar, and challenges us as we reconstruct what happened between her and the successful entrepreneur who she killed so savagely, Travis Alexander. With Casey, we have already memorized every detail of her case, thoroughly reviewed her bizarre personality a million times over, and thus we have nothing new to draw on. We`re drained!


And what talents does Casey have anyway? Can she write? I don`t think so. She tells us she got a new computer. So what! Casey is an Airhead, that`s obvious. She needs to go to college, even if its an online school (which it will need to be). Jodi has talents in singing and photography and carries herself off better in interviews with the media (such as the 48 Hours one with Maureen Maher).


Jodi may even have talents in acting, since you see her as so soft spoken and innocent as a lamb, while trying to square how she got in the pickle she finds herself in. We desire to hear what she has to say, because it stimulates our need to be amateur criminal psychologists. We attempt to fathom a secret, mounting rage (in the early summer of 2008), contrasting against a pleasant corporeal shell that refuses to crack! This is interesting! 


So what`s the real reason why it`s over for poor Casey (the most hated woman in America)? OVEREXPOSURE! It`s because of the media that all the life has been s[u]cked out of her story. It`s 2012 now and we want to hear something new for this year. Jodi is new. Casey is old and stale. People are ready to forget about it. HLN doesn`t get it still. They`re the ones who su[c]ked the blood out of her story. As they see their ratings plunge, they`ll have to adjust fairly quickly. 


Casey will not be able to make it on the Internet. She may have to resort to p[o]rn out of desperation. She`s not that interesting to watch. We`ll burn out on Jodi too once we drain all the vitality out of what she`s telling us. This is the job of the media, to s[u]ck a story dry until an uncouth audience has had their fill. Think of a drunken Roman crowd, who loves to watch one gladiator after another slaughtered mercilessly on the coliseum floor. The media are the slave-masters leading the victims to blood-stained arena to parade before a sadistic crowd.