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Published:January 6th, 2012 13:04 EST

Ricky Martin Tops The Advocate's List Of Top Ten Most Googled Gays

By Robert Paul Reyes

Ricky Martin
Elton John
Perez Hilton
Marc Jacobs
Adam Lambert
Ellen DeGeneres
George Michael
Neil Patrick Harris
Alexander McQueen
Dan Choi

The Advocate`s list of Top Ten Most Googled Gays and Lesbians


My thoughts:

All of these ladies and gentlemen, with the exception of George Michael, are positive role models for gays and straights. George Michael is destined to be the most googled gay one year, because his alcohol and drug-fueled lifestyle will inevitably lead to an early sensational death.

I respect Adam Lambert for coming out at the beginning of his career, but if he continues to have drunken brawls with his boyfriends, he will no longer be considered a positive role model.

Should the Advocate have outed stars such as Oprah Winfrey or CNN`s Anderson Cooper by including them on this list? You don`t need gaydar or even an above room temperature IQ to discern that Oprah is a lesbian, and Anderson is a homos[e]xual.

Why the hell wasn`t Lindsay Lohan on this list? Lilo was in a long-term romantic and s[e]xual relationship with a lesbian, doesn`t that make her a lesbian or a bi[s]exual?

Rachel Maddow, the most insightful political analyst on cable news came in at Number 11. Maybe next year Maddow and other gays who aren`t singers, designers, actors, or gossip queens will make the list.

Who do you wish had made the list? Let us know!

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