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Published:January 7th, 2012 11:50 EST

Heroic Rescue Of Cat Atop 50-Foot Tree! Cat Coaxed With Can Of Fancy Feast

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Animal Rescue League of Boston said a member used a rope to hoist himself up and save a cat stranded atop a 50-foot tree.

Police shut down traffic on the street about 1 p.m. and rescuer Bill Tanguay used a rope to hoist himself up the tree and coax the cat down with a can of Fancy Feast."



Chrystal Jones is delighted that her 6-month-old cat, Fendi, has been rescued. Instead of chastising her feline for climbing up a tall tree, I`m sure she will hug him to death and give him tons of Fancy Feast cat food. We love our cats even when they rip the curtains, cough up a furball on the kitchen table, and use the sofa legs as a scratching post.

If the Fancy Feast marketing folks have a lick of sense, we will soon be seeing a commercial featuring Fendi. Cats are people too, and they are also entitled to their fifteen minutes of fame.

Cats are very finicky, it`s a good thing the rescuer used a can of Fancy Feast, and not a generic brand, to coax the kitty cat.

Firefighters are very busy putting out fires, and they don`t always have time to rescue silly cats. Thank goodness for The Animal Rescue of Boston, they do great work.

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Photo Source: Wikipedia (Generic Kitty Cat)