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Published:January 8th, 2012 11:48 EST
Entrepreneurship Matters For 2012 And Beyond Focuses on Important Entrepreneurial Principles

Entrepreneurship Matters For 2012 And Beyond Focuses on Important Entrepreneurial Principles

By Keith Johnson

This past fall, I wrote an e-book for 2012 that draws upon my personal experience in the business world and from people around me who I personally see as entrepreneurs. The title of the book is called Entrepreneurship Matters for 2012 and Beyond and you can find this book at my Lulu Author Spotlight page on the web:

Specifically, this book focuses on important entrepreneurial principles you can apply to your professional path regardless of whether you are an employee at a large company or you have a small business. It is the spirit of innovation, discovery, and trying new things that is what makes one an entrepreneur and one who will bring about new and needed change. The path of the entrepreneur is indeed difficult, but that is tempered by the happiness of discovering how to make things work when you think outside of the box.

For many years, I have played the guitar, and about a year ago, I discovered a new way to string my guitar. It was something that was not even written anywhere on the web or in guitar books. Nonetheless, and against the advice of other guitarist, I continue to string my guitar this new way and the sound is 100% better. I could probably trademark this method if I wished. But that is not the point. It is the "entrepreneurial spirit" that has enabled me to think differently and solve a problem I was having for many years, of less than perfect guitar tone.

Another important approach I use in my e-book is to align timeless spiritual principles of living with the path of entrepreneurship. For example, there are some sayings of the Buddha that you can apply directly in business. "Take the middle path" is a classic example of this. When you drive on a highway, the cars to the left are usually speeding way too fast. The cars to your right are caught in the confusion of on and off ramps. So, by staying in the middle lane, you ensure yourself a safe and steady drive to your destination. So, we are applying a timeless wisdom idea with modern day reality.

Entrepreneurs need to be good listeners and know when to apply such teachings and how to do so. That is what helps the entrepreneur develop his or her idea and bring it to the marketplace successfully.

Remember that the entrepreneur of 2012 is not necessarily someone working out of a garage. It could be a programmer or developer with a new idea on how to code a traditional application for the web. It could also be someone with a great cake and baking business. The possibilities are endless. What matters is the spirit of entrepreneurship, and indeed "it does matter".

Cheers all and best of luck to you all with your business endeavors in 2012!

Keith Johnson, M.S.E.
Senior Technical Writer & Motivational Author

Enterpreneurship Matters for 2012 and Beyond direct link


"It is refreshing to see the entrepreneurial spirit!! Yes, if we don`t take charge of our lives, then we will miss opportunities. We cannot expect others to take care of us. We need to get up everyday and take action and this is the life of an entrepreneur - action, responsibility, and contribution. Great book and I hope everyone reads this."   - By Elena Johnson