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Published:January 9th, 2012 11:50 EST
Casey Anthony's Own Reality Show: "The Most Hated Woman in America'

Casey Anthony's Own Reality Show: "The Most Hated Woman in America'

By Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)

Casey Anthony, the infamous Florida mother acquitted of murdering her adorable 2-year old daughter Caylee, is back in the public eye after going underground for fear of attack by vigilantes disgruntled with her trial outcome. Video installments of her personal musings are popping up on the Internet. While Casey and her camp claim these were meant to be private material for her counseling that were illegally stolen and leaked, skeptics like myself see them instead as ploys by a masterful con artist. 

As a psychologist, here are my interpretations about the latest Casey Anthony con. 

  • Casey does need counseling, but in my psychological view, she has no motivation to change. Getting desperately needed attention from these videos further reduces any such motivation. And getting ready to re-enter society, she is finally free to be the young single party girl she always was and wanted to be. Even if she wanted to change, she would be a tough case, given a complex of personality disorders with narcissistic, histrionic, sociopathic and borderline features. All of these have in common being highly manipulative, self-obsessed and living in their own reality.
  • The content of her videos are further evidence of her being a pathological liar. Protests that the videos were leaked are just as suspect as Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson`s surprise when their s[e]x videos appeared on the internet. Nothing gets attention more than what`s supposedly secret and stolen, since it`s a psychological truth that people lust for what`s prohibited. That Casey wanted her videos seen is further evident by her referring to them as a "video log," in stark contrast to a "diary" that is traditionally hidden in a drawer under lock and key by a teen living in fear of a mother discovering them.

    Casey`s constant self-references (nearly 50 in all) in such short videos are confirmation of her extreme narcissism. Like Charlie Sheen, it`s all about "me." Not one mention of her little girl; no one matters except herself.

    Casey`s videos can support the prosecution case that she wanted her daughter dead to live her party-girl life. For example, her statement "It`s been a long time since I`ve been able to call something mine," can imply relief being free of the responsibilities of motherhood as every mother knows their life is never their own. (Of course, it could also refer to her newfound freedom from restricted life in jail).

    Casey`s demeanor and different "looks" on video are more signs of her deceptiveness, as well as her attention-seeking, histrionics, and lack of solid sense of self. The changing hairdos and clothing style betray her desire - and ability - to pretend to be different people and to try out different identities, all consistent with a swinging single. The blond bob and then darker locks, ever-so-coy attitude and "oop" when pointing out her nose piercing, her Hollywood-style oversize glasses, and varying garb from a white sleeveless cleavage-revealing t-shirt, green girly cap-sleeved blouse and initialed college or sports team shirt, are a far cry from how a grieving mother would act or dress, or from the librarian look she pulled off -and fooled the jury with - in her courtroom trial.

    Casey is her own reality show. The "Most Hated Woman in America" - as she was named- will have a hard time keeping the public attention, so there will be more trumped-up drama, like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are famous for being famous. To grab headlines, like Paris and Pam Anderson, could a leaked s[e]x video be next?

    Give Casey credit for being clever. Nothing spells fame more these days than viral videos. Everyone can be their own reality show - and Justin Bieber hopeful - through social media. Casey`s excitement over a new computer and a dog "that I love" would normally indicate healthy ways, respectively, to reach out to others and express love, but not so in Casey`s case. In contrast, they indicate her maladjustment with people in that you can be anyone you want to be on a computer, and that you can say anything you want to a dog who will love and believe you no matter what.

    Casey`s poses (especially in the short blond bob) look like fashion shots - another indication of her deep desire for being center stage. No doubt she would love being photographed like Anne Hathaway featured in "In Touch" magazine in five different looks, when hosting an awards show.

    Casey may be "in hiding" for her own safety but the filming shows poor judgment by revealing clues about her and her whereabouts. For example, skimpy clothes are consistent with warm climates, like Florida, a far cry from what you would wear in a remote, cold location, like Alaska. The background of a picture is also psychologically revealing. In the case of disgraced Assemblyman Anthony Weiner, the couch and family photos in the background of his emailed naked shots of himself were evidence of his brazenness, disrespect and poor judgment. Behind Casey in her videos appears to be a "Help wanted" sign - a sure sign she needs therapy - and a child`s painting. Positioning a suitcase between her legs can symbolize her being ready to move.

    Casey`s coy protest that she is not confident in front of the camera is another sign of her manipulation. Psychologically speaking, when people go out of their way to deny what is obvious, whatever they protest is really truth. This betrays her thirst for her so-called personal diaries to be seen. I wouldn`t be surprised if this new chapter in the 25-year old`s reality show brings her mother Cindy Anthony back into the public eye. If the public won`t buy a book by the most hated woman in America, they could still satisfy their curiosity about Casey, without selling out, by buying a book by her mother. Since they`re already estranged (remember her father disengaged from her after the trial and accusations of his abuse), no danger of any revelations causing new family alienation. In her latest video, Casey promises more musings to come. I also wouldn`t be surprised if a s[e]x tape mysteriously surfaces.

    Dr. Judy Kuriansky is an internationally known clinical psychologist, popular media commentator about news, NGO representative at the United Nations, teacher at Columbia University Teachers College and author of best-selling books including "The Complete Idiots Guide to A Healthy Relationship." Her wesbite is

    Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons