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Published:January 9th, 2012 11:10 EST

Snoop Dogg: I Want To Get High With Obama & Convince Him To Legalize Pot

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As always, Snoop Dogg has an innovative approach to getting things done. He told Hot 99.5`s Toby Knapp that he would convince President Obama to change the drug laws by first getting him nice and relaxed:


Before I even said `Hi` to President Obama, I would change the aroma of the room. And then we could start conversing after we had the aroma change. You know what I`m talking about?"


Brother Snoop, I know exactly what you are talking about! Nothing bad can come about from changing the aroma of any room, even the Oval Office. if President Obama had a chat with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and they were both taking hits off a bong, Obama would be able to convince the tinpot dictator to trade in his Members Only jacket and his stockpile of nuclear weapons for a gold plated bong and one of the Pu[s]sycat Dolls.

But Obama shouldn`t have to be stoned to realize that legalizing pot makes good sense from and economic and medical perspective. Our economy would benefit from the taxes on weed, and voters would benefit from the medicinal qualities of marijuana.

Obama can`t legalize marijuana by fiat or executive action, but he could fill the halls of Congress with the aroma of weed, and call upon our fine leaders to do the right thing.

You don`t have to be insane in the membrane to discern that Snoop Dogg is a righteous brother, and if Obama had a lick of sense he would follow Snoop`s advice.

Obama has admitted that when he was known as "Barry", he went one toke over the line. Obama needs to step over that line again.

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