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Published:January 9th, 2012 17:39 EST
The Tragic Murder of Cassie Cotta

The Tragic Murder of Cassie Cotta

By SOP newswire2

I saw your story, Cassie Cotta Tragic Murder Even Sadder After Viewing Video Bring Cassie Home! and wanted to clear up some things. First Cassie didn`t show up for work on Saturday not Friday. Also there is no evidence at this point that she was drinking the night she disappeared.

I see that you commented on the news coverage of her disappearance. Let me say that 40/29 news did the best coverage. They were there for the family and were doing their best to get Cassie`s story out there, but 5News treated her story like it was nothing but a woman on a binge...Tons of people complained and only after her body was found did they start any coverage of her story.

You stated that you are missing one key thing which is her cause of death. That has not been reported to the media. Honestly, I don`t think her family has even been told yet. Well if they have they have not made it known yet to her friends.

Yes, there was substantial evidence to arrest her husband Brent Cotta. He not only admitted to killing her but he led law enforcement to her body. He indeed has been charged with 1st degree murder. We went to her visitation tonight and she will be laid to rest tomorrow.

She indeed was a friend to many and loved her family and her friends and she was very loved by many which have been shown in the last week with people gathering to find her and for her family after her body was found.

If you are going to write any future articles about her, please tell people that she was a much loved woman and that this tragedy should set an example for other victims of domestic violence. A warning...if you are a victim of domestic violence, get out of whatever situation you are in because there are people and places that can help you start again and you don`t have to put your life in danger...the risk is to great.

Don`t make your family have to bury you...don`t end up like Cassie...

Thank you