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Published:January 10th, 2012 11:02 EST
3 Students Trampled to Death in Stampede at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex

3 Students Trampled to Death in Stampede at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex

By Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari

LAHORE: Punjab Group of Colleges concert on Monday, January 9 turned into a stampede tragedy when three girls lost their lives and ten severely injured.


The concert was being held at the Al-Hamra Cultural Complex where a popular local singer was performing. After the event, when the girls tried to leave the concert premises, college guards closed the main door for unknown reasons. Due to this, a stampede started resulting in the tragic death of three young girls and leaving several girls injured.


Reports say that the deceased girls were students of Punjab Group of Colleges and their age is between 17 to 22. Their names are: Sara Nawaz, 22  Maheen Naseem, 17, and Nimra, 16.

6,000 and 7,000 girls were attending the concert, which is thrice the capacity of venue.


Police and Rescue 1122 immediately rushed the venue and the dead bodies and injured girls were taken to the hospital.


The deceased girl`s father blamed the Punjab Group of Colleges` administration for the incident. He said that college administration deliberately invited more girls than capacity.


An eyewitness said that security mismanagement was the main reason, when the incident started, the college guards, who were not trained to handle the situation, began to beat the girl`s in the crowd with sticks. She added that college management immediately disappeared when the stampede started and no one was there until police rushed in and took control of the situation.