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Published:January 10th, 2012 11:34 EST
Cameron Government Lacks Overall Morality: Ruling Without Honor?

Cameron Government Lacks Overall Morality: Ruling Without Honor?

By SOP newswire2

Has the British government lost all moral authority by colluding in the illegitimacy of Israel`s so-called "nuclear ambiguity"? 

Netanyahu`s Israeli government is the loudest voice demanding a military strike (preferably by others) against the sovereign state of Iran without any authority from the Security Council of the United Nations, of which Israel is a member and from which it was granted its independence in 1948. 

The threat is that Israel, backed by the US, attacks an Iran that has no nuclear weapons whatsoever. Such an attack to be perpetrated by the only state in the world to have secretly built a nuclear weapons arsenal estimated to contain between 200-300 nuclear warheads i.e. a massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction that has never been declared to the IAEA or its UN inspectorate. 

It is clear that the demands of Israel to bomb Iran are in order that Israel can maintain its position of hegemony in the Middle East i.e. that a nation of 6m can use its power to exercise a measure of control over approximately 300m living in eight sovereign, Middle Eastern states. 

Is the collusion of the UK government in an illegal act that could cause the outbreak of a global nuclear war, an action that is acceptable to the British people?  If so, we should be warned in advance that this will be a war that could well make Iraq and Afghanistan pale by comparison, in the number of potential casualties and its damaging effects on all European economies, the price of oil and on the standard of living of us all.

By David Cameron, PM

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons