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Published:January 11th, 2012 14:30 EST

Country Music Icon Dolly Parton To Duet With Pop Tart Lady Gaga? Say, It Ain't So!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dolly Parton is getting in touch with her wild side. The legendary country singer, 65, revealed a new tattoo at the premiere of her movie `Joyful Noise` and said that she is hoping to someday sing a duet with Lady Gaga.


Parton appeared at last night`s Los Angeles premiere in a figure-hugging white dress, with a deep V-neck that showed off her reported 40-DD cleavage. A new tattoo was clearly visible between her breasts -- a small bouquet of red flowers. She also sported a blingy cross necklace around her neck."


Country music icon, Dolly Parton seems a bit desperate and pathetic, did the 65-year-old superstar get a tattoo to look hip and more acceptable to Lady Gaga?

Parton is a gifted singer and songwriter, she doesn`t need to sing a duet with Lady Gaga to remain relevant in the music business.

Although I must admit that I find a Lady Gaga/ Dolly Parton duet intriguing, they are both cartoonish figures. If you saw the country crooner with her 40-DD boobs, and the pop tart with one of her zany outfits walking down the streets, you`d think the circus was in town.

Don`t do it Dolly, your country fans may forgive you for getting a tattoo, but they will never forgive you for doing a duet with the likes of Lady Gaga.

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