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Published:January 11th, 2012 14:55 EST

Lady Gaga Suffers For Her Art: It Hurts To Bleach My Hair!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bleaching my hair! Scalp burning like a champ. A real blonde loves a peroxide shot.

Lady Gaga tweet

A true singer will suffer for her art, witness Adele`s ongoing problems with her vocal chords.


Lady Gaga also suffers for her art, the pop tart endures excruciating pain to dye her hair. Lady Gaga`s art being performance art, otherwise known as playing a fool. Lady Gaga will gladly endure the stench of wearing a dress made out of meat and the ridicule of wearing a dress made out of condoms, anything for her art.

Just please, don`t call Lady Gaga a singer! Music is an afterthought for Lady Gaga, it`s all about the drama, controversy and and fashion for the pop tart.

You will never read a tweet like this from Lady Gaga: I have such a headache, I`ve been up all night tweaking the lyrics to my new song.

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Photo Source: Wikipedia