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Published:January 11th, 2012 12:46 EST

Man Complains About Sexy Posters On Gym Walls

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Members of a California fitness club said they are upset by the provocative photos put up by new owner Equinox.

A club representative said the photos posted at the former Sports Club/LA in Irvine are the same pictures hung at locations across the country "to reflect our brand: provocative, sexy, edgy, aspirational and inspiring," The Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Tuesday.


However, 20-year member Angelo Paparelli said the photos, which were posted Jan. 2, `focus on sex and objectification of women.`


Paparelli is particularly upset by a photograph of a shirtless, ripped gentleman lying on top of a female at the entrance of the fitness kids club.

The club management would be well-advised to move that photo to another location -- the kids might be inspired to follow the example of the sexy couple on the photograph.

I don`t find anything offensive about the image in question, if anyone is being objectified it`s the dude with the bulging muscles. Of course the image focuses on sex, but what`s wrong with that?

However I don`t find the poster "aspirational and inspiring"; I know that even if I worked out ten hours every day I will never look like that buffed young man.

But the fact that the gorgeous woman in the image isn`t looking at the young dude, but straight at the camera gives me hope. Maybe she`s into older gentleman, and she just saw me strut into the gym.

Southern California is teeming with gyms of all kinds, there are many gyms with a Christian orientation. Paparelli should join a Christian gym with posters of Jesus on the walls.

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