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Published:January 12th, 2012 11:45 EST

Herman Cain Disses Rick Perry

By Robert Paul Reyes

"He wasn`t very deep on any of the issues, I`m trying to be respectful"

Herman Cain speaking about Texas Governor Rick Perry

When an intellectual heavyweight like Henry Kissinger admonishes a presidential candidate for not being very deep on any of the issues that`s one thing, but when a simpleton like Herman Cain, who was unaware that China has had nuclear weapons for decades, levels that charge against Rick Perry, it`s time for the Texas governor to throw in the towel.


Herman Cain is speaking about Perry in the past tense, even a know-nothing buffoon realizes Perry is Texas Toast.

The only thing that Perry is deep in is bullcrap, as he campaigns in South Carolina pretending to be a legitimate candidate.

Perry was humiliated in Iowa and New Hampshire, and his prospects aren`t any better in South Carolina or Florida. A huge campaign bankroll isn`t going to buy him respect, legitimacy or wisdom.

Rick Perry is a moron, and I`m trying to be respectful.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org