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Published:January 13th, 2012 11:36 EST

Bald Barbie For Young Cancer Survivors? How Silly Can We Get?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Her figure may not exist in nature, but Barbie`s status as a role model for young girls is undeniable.

Now a movement is afoot on Facebook to create a `Bald Barbie` as a role model for young girls going through chemotherapy or suffering from hair loss conditions such as alopecia."



Our society is still relatively intact in spite of Tattooed Barbie and Barbies based on celebs like Niki Minaj and Paris Hilton, but is America ready for Bald Barbie?

Hell No! The simple fact is that our society doesn`t, and will never look upon a bald woman as attractive. A bald Barbie will inspire fear and loathing -- it will be young boys and not young girls who will play with the bald-headed terror. They will match the bald Barbie in epic battles against their super hero action figures, and I have no doubt that "Bald and Beautiful Barbie" will win most of the time.

I understand the desire of parents of daughters stricken with cancer to create a doll for them that will serve as a positive role model. But you can`t change human nature, and little children will instinctively look upon a bald Barbie with feelings of revulsion and fear.

Holding our hands and singing "Kumbaya" won`t make peace blossom all over the world, and a bald Barbie won`t do jack to make young girls dealing with hair loss due to cancer treatments feel better about themselves, and it definitely won`t make their peers treat them any better.

Simply shower your children with love, regardless if they have cancer or not, and that will help them deal whatever adversities they face.

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