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Published:January 13th, 2012 11:54 EST
What is Excellence?

What is Excellence?

By Keith Johnson

Excellence has long been a concern of man since the beginning of civilization. Through the ages, man has embraced a different aspect of this huge spiritual concept called "excellence".

Essentially, excellence means accomplishment and achievement, especially in the eyes of entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and other leaders in society. At the same time, excellence can mean something different to a musician or artist or university professor. What does excellence mean for you? How will you apply excellence in your life?

Hot off the press - yes, hot off the press, you will find on my Lulu Books Author Page an e-book entitled "100 Excellence Affirmations". No matter your path in life, you will find at least five or ten affirmations that you can apply toward positive change. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur. Perhaps you are a teacher. Perhaps you are a web designer. Perhaps you are a manager at a small company.

Affirmations are the proven process and technique for positive change. Affirmations are used by Dr. Wayne Dyer and the Most Reverend Joel Osteen. Why reinvent the wheel when a proven method works? Hence, I spent the past week brainstorming affirmations that I saw as effective for my life as a Technical Writer and Software Trainer. Have a great weekend everyone!

Best Regards,

Keith Johnson, M.S.Education

Senior Technical Writer & Software Trainer

Motivational & Spiritual Author