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Published:January 15th, 2012 11:19 EST
Saving Snoopy from the Twisted Definition of "Dangerous"

Saving Snoopy from the Twisted Definition of "Dangerous"

By Ernest Dempsey

It looks like some American states have put their energies on the accelerator to rush the breedist holocaust on dogs. And their target is " of course, pit bulls. Michigan leads this killing spree and Flordia has, as if officially, joined the breedwagon " by dragging the definition of the word dangerous " into it. The meaning of a word like that is easy to distort, and conveniently so, to justify senseless killing. The most recent case of a pit bull, called Snoopy, is illustrative of this attitude.

Owned by an elderly citizen, Bob Johnson, Snoopy was taken out for a walk a few weeks back. A woman happened to be walking her small dog around that place and that little thing broke loose and ran at Snoopy, giving him a bite. In defense, Snoopy bit the arrogant little thing. That was that! Authorities (and how allergic I am of the sound of it) decided that Snoopy is likely a "dangerous" dog and should be killed. Now, the 77-year-old Bob Johnson is struggling to save Snoopy from the horrible misjudgment of the authorities (ugh, again) while the sole companion of his lonely years is held captive at the Halifax Humane Society, hoping to survive the captors` dangerous definition of "

Snoopy`s story is appalling and alarming. How far is this budding epidemic of canine breedism going? The killing of Ace and later that of Toby illustrated that the senseless crackdown on pit bull life won`t stop easily; for the real problem lies in the state law: hold them captive for a week or ten days and then kill them, no matter what. Only people with a truly human heart like The Lexus Project and advocates for dog safety are fighting this humbug paranoia, disguised as concern, of pit bulls and dogs that look like them (specifically, pit mixed breeds).

Bob Johnson hopes he can get Snoopy back from the court; the next hearing on January 25. But to tell the authorities that their attempted definition of dangerous " is downright wrong, let`s remind them that when humans fight and dogs are around, the canines have been found to defend the victim against the aggressor even if at the cost of their own life. But when two dogs fight and humans "read authorities "are around, they get their reason " to kill dogs. So who really is dangerous here and to what degree?

To help Snoopy out of the killing custody, please sign thepetition online and call the Halifax Humane Society to express your concern for Snoopy`s life. Also, it helps to spread the word and invite caring souls to let their voice join the urge for justice. So share the link around on your social media pages/blogs. Let`s fight the breedist dogma down.