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Published:January 16th, 2012 11:15 EST
AFTER HOLMES: 63 Years of Forensic Investigations Now Available

AFTER HOLMES: 63 Years of Forensic Investigations Now Available

By SOP newswire2

That was the best job I`ve done on direct exam of an expert witness in nearly forty years of doing this... And, of course, the reason I did such a great job was that [Dr. MacDonell was], simply put, brilliant! -Defense Attorney F. Martin Tieber, Federal Court, Detroit, Michigan, April 2010

Now Available in Print 304 pages: BLOODSTAIN INSTITUTE Post Office Box 1111            Corning, New York 14830

AFTER HOLMES provides sixty-five studies from the casebook of internationally renowned criminalist Herbert Leon MacDonell, who has testified as a forensic expert in hundreds of trials in the United States, Canada and a dozen other countries.

No liar for hire, Dr. MacDonell`s currency is science, and science is truth. Whether working for the prosecution or the defense, if the source of his retainer is unhappy with his findings, then tough cookie!

The only case-study that he has turned down in his venerable career - spanning six decades - was offered by Phil Spector`s defense team. The reason, which will surprise everyone, is mute testimony to Spector`s guilt in the shooting death of starlet Lana Clarkson.

The contents cover a range of case types. Included are the trials of OJ Simpson, Jean Harris, the Chicago Black Panthers, Joanne Chesimard, Thomas Randolph, Marjorie Congdon, and Michael Behenna.

MacDonell brings to light blood-spatter evidence that Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered before Ron Goldman, contrary to the theory espoused by the prosecution. He lays out, in detail-by-tiny-detail, proof that the shooting death of the Scarsdale Diet guru, Dr. Herman "Hy" Tarnower, occurred precisely as stated by Jean Harris, who, therefore, was unjustly imprisoned for twelve years. Documented in photographs is MacDonell`s brilliant forensic work that led to dismissal of attempted-homicide charges against seven Black Panthers after the murder of their leader, Fred Hampton, by the Chicago police. In two cases that continue to be controversial, MacDonell provides evidence that - contrary to popular belief - Joanne Chesimard and Thomas Randolph are guilty of the murders for which they have been found guilty. Unique insight into the infamous Glensheen Mansion murders reveals how police misconduct led to the indictment of the wrong person, resulting in the likely perpetrator being found not guilty. Also described is MacDonell`s role in a case that has become a cause célèbre: the 15-year imprisonment of Army Ranger Lieutenant Michael Behenna for the 2008 death of an Iraqi suspected of working for Al Qaeda.

Several cases are described in which the results of Dr. MacDonell`s work never saw the light of day in court because it did not provide the information hoped for by the sponsoring attorneys. Perhaps most notably, MacDonell shows - for the first time - how Amadou Diallo was assassinated by Bronx police officers who, in the absence of MacDonell`s testimony at trial, were acquitted of second-degree murder.

A dominant aspect of MacDonell`s approach to crime-solving is crime-scene reconstruction, some of which have been elaborate and have provided unexpected insights missed by investigating law-enforcement agencies.

Although the subject matter is serious - much of it deadly serious - MacDonell deals with it in an appealing manner that makes for easy reading.

AFTER HOLMES has 110,000 words, 152 illustrations, and an index.

Judyth Piazza interviews Forensic Scientist and Author Dr. Herbert MacDonell