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Published:January 16th, 2012 11:53 EST

Donald Trump Should Run For President With Snooki As His Running Mate

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`I thought Trump was gonna run,` Snooki pondered. `But he`s not, right? I would endorse him and vote for him.`"


Snooki knows as much about politics as I do about how to get my face to look as orange as a pumpkin. Homegirl doesn`t even know if Donald Trump is running for president, she`s just a typical 20-something. A Snooki endorsement of Donald Trump will carry more weight with her age group, than the endorsement of a political heavyweight.


Snooki is not as dumb as she looks, praising the Donald may work in her favor, he may reward her by selecting her for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

If Trump changes his mind and runs for President of the United States, he should choose Snooki as his running mate. They would get the vote of folks who are into celebs who are obsessed with their hair.

But Trump better stop attacking Obama for not being born in America, he might tick Snooki off, the tiny celeb was born in Chile.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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